5 Things to Consider When Outsourcing Lead Generation
July 6, 2018
Lead Generation

Today’s leadgen market has put a focus on equipping sales teams with automation tools that empower them to efficiently source relevant leads. Some of these tools even go so far as to provide a platform to power the outbound campaigns of these leads. These leadgen companies prioritize their “software” rather than the specific requirements of each unique customer (this is of course, very generalized and not necessarily a negative).

Still, modern-day leadgen tools lack two main things:

  1. Lead data that is available outside their scrape or database reach. This is especially relevant when driving an account-based sales program.
  2. The “human” capital required to operate the tools.

These are the two core problems we looked to solve at Leadium. Let’s be real for a moment…not every company is built the same and not every company has Silicon Valley investment capital. Bottomline, many sales operations do not have the capacity, revenue, or knowledge to effectively hire a sales development operation in-house that can adequately use the tools available on the market.

This is a long-winded way of saying that there are great outsourced options available to you!

A few facts to consider when outsourcing lead generation:

  • Say No to Outsourced Outsourcing. Your outsourced company shouldn’t also be outsourcing. By having lead researchers on staff you are able to ensure quality control, offer dedicated resources (avoiding the problem of reteaching your lead requirements), provide continued education, and maintain stability in your communication/workflow.
  • Dedicated. Make sure that when contracting an outsourced leadgen service they provide dedicated data researchers. This allows you to maximize your onboarding and establish clear operational procedures, lead delivery schedules, and communication.
  • Employee Grade. Contracting a leadgen service should be far more cost efficient than hiring or expanding an in-house team. This cost efficient alternative shouldn’t be at the cost of “employee grade” resources.
  • Consultative. Don’t go with a pure lead output centric company (there are amazing databases you can access if this is the goal). Make sure the company has executives and a success team that works with you through every stage of leadgen. From identifying your Ideal Customer Profile to determining effective Account-Based selling opportunities within that ICP and to help identify additional data that would enhance your outbound campaigns. Leadgen services need to stop focusing just on delivering an output and put more focus on building a partnership and ensuring value is being driven.
  • Month-to-Month. You should NEVER sign a multi-month commitment with a leadgen or sales development service. This is one of the founding principals of Leadium (we never plan on changing). Our team works hand in hand with you to ensure we’re delivering the most targeted leads you’ve identified and that these leads are subsequently being converted to opportunities. We put a focus on driving ROI day 1 and if your vendor isn’t driving ROI why would you or they require you to suck it up and keep paying them (that's just bad business).

Leadgen and sales development are specialized skills. Analyze your options and move forward with the team you believe are truly aligned with your growth goals.\

Kevin Warner
Co-Founder & CEO