Building a Qualified Lead Pipeline
November 5, 2018
Lead Generation

To build awareness and create interest for a product or service, companies develop profiles or their target customers, and employ outbound tactics like email campaigns, outbound phone calls, lead scoring. With outbound tactics, you can accurately target specific prospects. After you’ve captured leads in your sales funnel, this can help you move prospects through the pipeline via email nurture campaigns that share relevant content. By qualifying and scoring your leads based on their engagement with your emails and content, you can identify qualified leads and pass them over to sales for closing. Scoring your leads is important because it helps you determine which leads to focus on to drive results.

Building your pipeline with inside sales

Successful lead generation turns marketing qualified leads into a pipeline of sales qualified leads. You’ll definitely want an inside sales team that’s dedicated to building a pipeline of leads that can be nurtured, qualified and passed on to account reps for closing. Your inside sales team helps your reps by identifying leads, scoring them based on the level of engagement they demonstrate, contacting them by phone, and then qualifying them. Qualified leads are passed to sales to be converted by a sales representative.

The hallmark of a successful organization is one that follows up with every lead. Without the work of an inside sales team, these leads can die on the vine as prospects look to your competition for a solution to their pain--a situation you want to avoid.

Creating awareness and trust

Email tactics are most effective when used as a vehicle for sharing relevant content with leads. By offering leads information that is relevant to them, including tips, best practices, and solutions that can help them resolve an issue, your business can build trust and awareness. While your leads may not need your solution immediately, you’ll be well positioned to approach a lead when they signal that they’re in the consideration stage of the sales funnel.

Generating, nurturing, and scoring leads

Lead generation is more than just lead acquisition. Few of the leads you generate and bring into your customer relationship management system are ready to buy. They will need to be nurtured, often via an email nurture campaign that systematically sends them emails with relevant content and messages that will move the lead closer to a purchase. By scoring your leads based on how well they fit your target customer profile, and where they are on their buyer journey based on their level of engagement with your content and website, you will know exactly when to send a lead to sales. The last thing you want is a lead who is ready to buy to look elsewhere because your team isn’t calling her.

Driving growth

By employing the right outbound tactics, a company can identify the right decision-maker, learn about his pain, and through email marketing build awareness and trust that the vendor has the best solution to help resolve that pain. When the lead reveals his interest in learning more, the inside sales team is ready to contact and qualify the lead for an account manager to convert.

Kevin Warner
Co-Founder & CEO