Our Top 5 Outbound Sales Insights from 2019
December 10, 2019
Outbound Sales Tips

We blinked and just like that we are about to embark on a new decade. Time goes by pretty fast when you’re doing what you love! For us, that is of course running killer outbound sales programs for hundreds of clients across pretty much any B2B industry you can think of. 

And while we had a moment to look forward into growth trends for 2020, we thought, let’s pull the data and see which articles you loved the most in 2019. How better to close out a decade in the world of blogging than to share our greatest hits?!

From tips on how to run best-in-class outbound sales programs, to insights from our partnership with, as well as leadership and internal sales team decision-making resources, we have reached far and wide this year to give you a comprehensive look at how and why outbound sales can be a game-changer for your business. 

So without further ado, here are our top 5 outbound sales articles from 2019 - and the key insights from each.

1. In-House vs. Outsourced Sales Development - The Costs You Should Consider

Many of our prospective clients and current clients have found their way to Leadium because of this blog and the downloadable guide that goes along with it. Reason being: about 70% of the folks calling us are debating on whether or not they should start hiring people into their internal sales team or outsourcing. 

65% of high growth startups and small to medium sized businesses just aren’t at the size or run-rate to allow for the economic investment required to establish a successful in-house sales development team. There are also many cost factors that go into making this decisions including:

  • Weighing Salary & Other Personnel Costs
  • Cost & Functionality of Sales-Enablement Software
  • The Cost of Data
  • The Hidden Costs of Hiring, Ramping, and Managing
  • And more!

Read more (and download the full guide!) here.

2. Outreach Unleash19 Top 5 Takeaways - an Attendee Perspective

If you know us, you know we have an ongoing crush on Outreach. While we might be the leading agency at sourcing verified lead data and crafting personalized, strategic outbound sales development programs that get qualified appointments...we need some powerful technology to power the automation and scale - and that’s where Outreach comes in. 

That’s why in March, 10 of us packed our bags and went to THE conference of the year: Unleash19. Between dancing to hits from the 90s and cocktail parties on the beach, we actually did learn a new thing or two about how to up your outbound game including:

  • Embrace relationships with leaders in your industry
  • Test and optimize outbound sales strategies for your own business - what works for some does not work for all
  • What 4 main questions outbound prospecting answers
  • Product differentiation is dead. Win with HOW you sell instead
  • How technology is advancing the Sales Development profession

Read more on each of these insights here

(P.S. - you can reserve your spot to Unleash20 now!)

3. The Sweet Sixteen of Sales Books

We had no clue what kind of response we would get by running a March Madness-themed tournament for top sales books. We just love to read and were curious if anyone out there was as passionate as we were about the great books that educate and inspire us to be better sales professionals. 

We categorized our favorites into 4 divisions: Sales Legends, Sales Development, Sales Psychology, and Sales Process, made a legit bracket complete with tournament-style graphics and took to our social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) for a battle of the books. 

Hundreds of people and sales pros from every stage of the funnel passionately voted, shared, and commented on the book matchups each week leading to the ultimate winner...who is it and why? Check out the article plus the other 15 books on our list

4. For Your B2B Startup's Sake, Stop Making These 6 Common Sales Mistakes

We all wish we were perfect. It’s true. We bring this amazing product or service into the world, know it will solve a specific problem in a particular industry, and know it will sell like hotcakes without much effort. 

Eh, not so fast.

We have worked with hundreds of sales, growth, and executive teams across the country and can easily identify the top mistakes that many of them make (and that we help to fix!) when it comes to building and running an outbound sales development program. 

Are you making one of these 6 mistakes? Check out the list here

5. 4 Benefits of Prospecting Beyond Landing a Sales Appointment

Outbound sales = getting sales appointments. Right? It’s a basic formula with a desired result. We would argue that while sales appointments are definitely a goal that is needed to build revenue, there are still some incredible insights you can gain from the outbound sales process that will benefit your business for years to come. 

While landing sales appointments will lead to giving your business the money it needs, focusing solely on increasing sales numbers won’t help you refine your business strategies and grow and evolve. 

There are a range of other benefits you can get with outbound prospecting beyond sales appointment conversions including:

  • It can help pivot your product based on prospect feedback
  • Rethinking your customer profile
  • Discovering and addressing customer pain-points
  • Uncovering the best response channel for your business

Read about each of these benefits here

Jenny Sassi
Growth Director