Top 4 Sales Prospecting Software Tools
February 7, 2018
Sales Best Practices

At, we make it no secret that we built our service on top of some amazing sales software. Instead of building another feature packed outbound automation platform, we chose to provide sales teams with the highly qualified outsourced lead generators and sales development reps that implement, manage and optimize these tools.

Since our business is built on top of 3rd party technologies, we are constantly discovering and testing what each platform's strength and weaknesses are before we make recommendations to our clients.

This means we’ve come to determine (at least in our minds) who the preferred prospecting platforms are.  

Top 4 sales prospecting platforms we recommend: (preferred choice)

Outreach enables users to design a series of touch points which prospects will receive until the prospect replies, combining automatically sent emails with manual steps (such as calls and personalized emails). Users are able to determine spacing between touch points, delivery times, and A/B test on the fly. (via

Build a strategic orchestration for regular and targeted sales correspondence, injected with personalization along the way. Deploy cadences to create multichannel touch point models catered to your buyer personas. With preset activities baked into the process, never miss a chance to connect with your prospects via phone and email. (via

Individual salespeople can launch personalized drip-style sales campaigns that cover multiple touch points and channels. All the communication is authentic and personalized. The software eliminates the common mistakes that plague outbound sales; leads falling through the cracks, misformatted emails, crossed lines of communication, forgetting to follow up, or getting the dreaded reply. (via

Mixmax accelerates productivity, so you can reach more prospects, land more meetings and close more deals. Track opens, clicks and downloads. Instantly book meetings with one email. Schedule messages to send later. Send personalized emails at scale. Log emails, opens, clicks, and downloads to your CRM. (via

Two key features to consider when looking into a platform for your sales team:

Automation + Personalization - Account-based selling is in. To pull this off successfully you need a platform that 100% automates email cadences and allows (er. prioritizes) lead-by-lead personalization. When uploading your lead contact data you should sync customized data points that are specifically referenced through variables in cadences to avoid the sense of "mass marketing" and establish feelings of personalization with your prospect.

Testing + Analytics - Sales is data driven. You should have a fundamental understanding of the conversion and cost through every state of the sales pipeline. As your sales development team is the foundation of sales, you should ensure that any prospecting platform is rich in analytics. Measuring and optimizing each phase of your email cadences and establishing quantitative A/B split tests will allow you to improve your process and accelerate revenue growth.

Kevin Warner
Co-Founder & CEO