Eliminate Outdated Data
You don't need data from another database. Your CRM is already packed with prospect info. The problem? It's outdated and decaying every second. We go record-by-record in record time to append and clean your prospect data and keep it fresh.
Your CRM Data is Decaying Rapidly.
of CEOs change annually
of people change jobs within their company annually
of email addresses change annually
of people move to different companies annually
of telephone numbers change annually
30%+ of CRM data becomes invalid every year.
How accurate is your current prospect data? Outdated contact information can prevent your sales team from hitting their quota. Let our 100+ data specialists go record-by-record insuring your B2B database is accurate today.
It's a Simple 3-Step Process
Technographic Data
Technology, Analytics, Email Marketing, Hosting, Advertising, Ecommerce & more
Custom Data
Restaurant Locations, Import Records, SEC Filings, Property Software, Yelp Reviews & more
Demographic Data
Gender, Age, Education,
Profession, Job Title, Income
Level, Marital Status & more
Firmographic Data
Geographic Areas, Industry,
Client Numbers, Organization
Type, Technologies Used & more
Event Data
Technology, Analytics, Email Marketing, Hosting, Advertising, Ecommerce & more
Psychographic Data
Personality, Values, Attitudes,
Interests, Lifestyles, Activities,
Personas & more
Pack your CRM full of actionable insights.
Fill gaps, correct inaccuracies, and replace stale data on all lead, contact, account, and opportunity data in your CRM. In today's digital world, your sales and marketing teams are driven by the intelligent data they use to inform decisions and drive conversions.

Our data specialists source nearly every data field you will require. We utilize 1000+ data sources and view every request to be unique, finding data specific to your requirements.
Know more about your target audience.
Our human-verified data append and enrichment services can immediately improve your organization's most valuable asset: data. As both your prospects and customers evolve, so should your data in real-time. That means sales, marketing, and analytics teams can all spend less time wrangling data and more time making better decisions with current insights.
Create more personalized messaging
Identify more qualified prospects
Surface key
sales triggers
Reach audience
through more channels
Segment your
outreach better
Start better conversations
We append and customize data for the tools you use.
No matter the CRM you use, Leadium returns enriched data customized to your team's specific tags, labels, and values. You can now make better decisions, reach more targeted prospects, and market to your pipeline with accuracy.
Lead Database Enrichment 101: What It Is & It's Value Beyond Prospecting
If you have sourced lead data from a database, purchased a one-time list, or have an existing database, there are two key problems that will impact your current prospecting program: the data is raw, and the data has a high chance of being decayed and out-dated.
Join the hundreds of companies enriching
their data with Leadium.