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Leadium combines leadgen and sales development under one house to support company sales teams, build pipeline opportunities, and drive revenue growth.
Build a Bigger Sales Pipeline.
Hiring, training, choosing sales tools and overall performance management is the start of building a successful sales team. At Leadium, we remove these challenges by embedding KPI driven outsourced sales specialists who quickly adopt your culture, efficiently utilize the latest sales tools & technologies and are managed by experienced sales experts.
Lead Generation
Your specialized research team provides intelligent target leads to drive your account-based sales strategy.
Lead Enrichment
Enhance your leads with intelligent data to boost pipeline conversions.
Sales Development
Predictable sales pipeline delivered by your specialized SDRs along with a personalized sales automation platform.
Grow Your Pipeline
With Account-Based Leads.

Leadium delivers you the data you need to drive high performing outbound sales campaigns and grow your business. With a focus on verified leads that come with personalized data-driven insights, you close more deals faster.

Focus On Data
That Matters.

Enhance each lead with unique parameters that standard databases can’t access. Utilize tailored data-insights hand researched for each lead to close your team's deals in a better way. Leadium can provide data points from web traffic, recruiting softwares, ERP solutions, funding info, all the way to, ecommerce platforms, CRM/POS systems, revenue, fleet size, and more...

We're Your
Sales Partner.

You receive a dedicated SDR and lead researcher to increase the opportunities in your sales funnel. Working directly with your embedded Leadium team you are able to target ideal customers, create personalized sales campaigns, engage with prospects and measure all of your results.

Start Closing Deals that Grow Your Business.
lower CAC
Companies using Leadium have seen a 35% decrease in their customer acquisition cost.
more productivity
Sales teams supported by Sales Development Reps are 46% more productive.
average ROI
Investments in our lead gen and sales development solution returned $3.10 for every dollar spent on average.
higher conversion
Human sourced leads are 5 times more likely to convert to opportunities than database leads.
We're Obsessed With Humans.
Integrated With The Sales Tools You Love.
By utilizing Leadium’s lead intelligence we were able to personalize our outbound campaigns and increase appointments by 30%.
Dan Peterson, President of FlipSwitch Consulting
We had to scale our sales by 3x. Partnering with Leadium allowed us to double our SDR team size in 3 weeks and hit our sales targets. Thank you!
Birgit L, Director Global Audience Marketing, EMEA,  SAP
We love our dedicated Leadium team. Anna and our researchers have not only met our expectations, they have become part of our team.
Patrick V, CEO, TheVelleman
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