6 Awesome Pieces of Sales Content for Filling Your Outbound Appointment Calendar
October 20, 2020
Sales Best Practices

Website up and running? Check.

Social media channels going strong? Check.

Then why isn't your sales appointment calendar not filled up?

You can have all of these marketing must-haves, but they won't mean much to you in outbound sales. In fact, digital outreach—while so vital for business—won't mean anything to your prospects without including compelling content.

What does high-quality sales content look like? The best work from your marketing team speaks directly to your B2B clients. This engaging, useful messaging is exactly what you need to move prospects from being aware and interested in your products and services to signing contracts.

The sales funnel needs help, and it's called sales enablement content. Without these crucial pieces, your B2B sales will go nowhere, fast. Are you one of the 63% of marketers who are actively investing in search engine optimization, according to a 2020 HubSpot survey? You should be. An impressive 70% of marketers are investing in content marketing, and for good reason.

It works!

Content plays a major role in the outbound sales process, which is more important than ever. High-quality, engaging, and useful content naturally draws in your prospects and helps with sales enablement.

You're able to work with an educated buyer who knows what they want. That sounds almost as good as a cup of coffee! Let's take a look at what content should be on the to-do list for your team.

Sales Deck

Look, everyone can use a polished sales presentation, or sales deck, to help them bring a potential customer through a sales funnel. A sales deck is a planned strategy that helps lay out the case for closing the sale.

You'll want plenty of charts, images, and graphs in your deck, making it visually appealing to your potential client. Create a platform that can engage them in conversation, so that you can show them how your product or service will meet their needs—and then some.

Case Studies

Case studies help B2B clients by quickly laying out the real-life problem, the solution, and the results. Your clients want to know that you and your team have taken the time to understand their history and target audience. They want you to show that you appreciate the geographic differences and preferences.

They need you to prove that your product or service has worked in the past and can work for them now, and a case study can show this.

White Papers

To position your company as a thought leader in your industry, it is crucial that you have long-form white papers you can offer your potential clients. Maybe your potential cliet isn't ready to schedule an outbound sales meeting yet, but they're always interested in learning how they can get ahead in their business.

By helping them better understand the industry, you're also showing them that your company has the experience and quality to help them excel further. White papers can explain complex topics in easy-to-digest methods that show that you've got the best solution for your customer.


You know your customers love you, but do your future customers know this? Testimonials are an extremely effective marketing tool that you can share immediately. Whether they're singing your praises through video or a one-page, written sheet, this is from the horse's mouth.

The more you can get your customers to rave about you, the more other clients pay attention. These unpaid testimonials prove your worth, without you having to say a word … other than suggesting you schedule a meeting in the next few days.

Product or Service One-Sheets

Your marketing team can really help you fill up your calendar by distilling your products and services into one-page, easy-to-read sheets. It's one thing to ask someone to scroll through your website. It's another thing to give them one page and ask them to read only that. You're saving them time, and that's something they'll really appreciate.

Product Comparison Guide

How does your product or service stack up to the competition? Good question! Don't expect your potential client to do this work. Do it for them by providing a product comparison guide. By answering their questions, you'll let the know that you can offer the solution they seek.

Is Your Calendar Full Yet?

By offering these pieces of sales content, you'll be doing more than just asking for a meeting. You'll be providing valuable, interesting, and compelling evidence that your company is worth your clients' time. Soon, your calendar will fill up—with coffee meetings, of course.

Jenny Sassi
Growth Director