Webinar Replay: Data-Driven Outbound as an Acquisition Channel
September 29, 2020
Outbound Sales Tips

Leadium CEO, Kevin Warner, recently teamed up with Sales Hacker to host a webinar discussing how modern startups and savvy small to medium sized businesses are now looking at outbound sales as an insights and acquisition channel.

Hint: your sales development goals should no longer be only set around quota.

Through intelligent testing and a human approach to personalization, outbound sales is now a goldmine of data-backed insights for what you want to learn about your prospects and market fit - then taking that understanding to make both your sales and marketing programs that much more successful.

Kevin and Alex discussed multiple strategies including:

  • The TWO types of SDRs emerging out of SaaS sales models: Strategy-Based SDR and Impression-Based SDRs
  • Moving your mindset away from ABC (Always Be Closing) to Always Be Testing (ABT) in your outbound sequence strategy
  • The right way to test & iterate on your outbound targeting, messaging, and mediums
  • How to use outbound to further your understanding of your market, customers, and product-market fit.
  • And why context is so important (and needs to be applied to) all sales development conversations happening across social sites and content. (P.S. Don’t listen to the influencer noise!!)

Watch the webinar replay now:

Jenny Sassi
Growth Director