Build a pipeline
that drives revenue

We create unique outbound sales strategies, craft personalized multi-touch sequences, handle responses, and book appointments directly to your calendar.

As an industry leader with a global footprint, Leadium powers your growth as an integral partner. Our experienced team projects your culture, mission statement and vision with concise outbound strategies and targeted lead data sourcing to align with your revenue goals.

step 01
Welcome to your sales TEAM

Leadium provides a dedicated team of sales strategists, sales development reps, lead generators & content creators who become your remote team. We are passionate about driving revenue growth to each client by embedding ourselves into workflows, communication channels, reporting expectations & quota alignment.

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step 02
Develop your sales STRATEGY

Every acquisition channel depends on a well-thought out execution strategy built around your customer personas. This is especially true with outbound sales, as sales appointments rely on targeting the right customer, at the right time, with the right message. Before launching any program, our team strategizes a custom outbound program for you.

Refine your ideal customer profile

Determine common traits for companies you want to target. Map multiple gate keeper & decision maker personas.

Develop value driven sequences

Prioritize your sales workflow process & personalize communications from wherever you work.

Set up your instance

Integrate into our Sales Automation partner to efficiently engage prospects & drive measurable pipeline.

Purposeful A/B split testing

Multiple subject lines, messaging, send times & CTAs to optimize what works in real-time.

step 03
Implement your outbound Program

To execute a high converting outbound program it takes a fully loaded sales stack like the one Leadium utilizes, which includes:

  • Open & Click Tracking
  • Response Categorization
  • A/B Testing
  • Custom Scheduling
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Reply Detection
  • Out-of-Office Detection
  • Calendar Integration
  • CRM Integration

Whether it's round robin, territory based or direct handoff we connect your Sales Execs & prospects seamlessly, with:

  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • UberConference
  • Custom Scheduling
  • so many more...
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Calendly
  • Outreach Calendar
  • so many more...

Outbound strategy playbooks & weekly analytic reviews to determine campaign performance and create a predictive analysis to assess and optimize your sequence for optimum results.

  • Automation Software Tutorials
  • Outbound Playbooks
  • Response Handling
  • Custom Snippets
  • Variable Templates
  • Prospect Stage Setting
  • Content Strategy
  • Screen Share
  • Campaign Analysis
b2b lead contact data
crm data cleansing with email validation
step 4
Activate your outbound Pipeline

We Begin Delivering Qualified Sales Appointments

Your dedicated Leadium research team works each day to generate accounts and prospects that match your ideal customer profile from over 20+ data sources.

step 05
Reports, Data, Insights & optimizations

Comprehensive weekly program analytic reviews to determine your campaign performance and create a predictive pipeline. We constantly monitor, assess & optimize your sequence to increase conversions & scale your business.

b2b lead contact data
crm data cleansing with email validation
step 6
Outbound pipeline review

An outbound sales program takes 90-days to measure true ROI. At this milestone, we will break down the entirety of your Leadium built outbound funnel to analyze target prospects, open rates, responses, and conversions. We’ll dive into the appointments you’ve had and which stage of your sales processes they are in. By day 90, we’ll have obtained a point-of-predictability and will be able to make conversion projections moving forward.

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