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Behind the Scenes of Outbound Email Deliverability
Featuring: Kevin Warner (CEO, Leadium) & Mike MacDonald (SPJ GTM, Founding Partner)
60% of B2B professionals say email is the most effective outbound channel when it comes to revenue generation. So it goes without saying, that you as an outbound sales expert, need to understand everything that may affect email deliverability to your prospect inboxes. Kevin and Mike are breaking down what is happening behind the scenes at every email service provider when it comes to analyzing email content, engagement rates, spam traps, domain reputation and more on this week’s episode of The Outbound Sale Podcast.
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About The Podcast
The Outbound Sale Podcast is the #1 podcast focused on bringing the insights and tactics proven to grow your pipeline and revenue. Through a casual radio-style show, combined with interviews of industry leaders you will discover strategies, techniques, and practical tips to bring your outbound sales efforts to the next level.
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The outbound frontlines are filled with more than motivational pep-talks and buzzword “marketing” books. We deserve better! So... Outbound Realities is the only coffee table book made by SDRs for SDRs. It’s time we inject some comedy into our prospecting lives with hilarious, sad, and awkward first-hand stories, emails and lessons.
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