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We're a team of sales experts, lead researchers,
sales development reps & content creators ready to scale your business.
Our goal has always been to connect a talented global workforce with growing businesses. We invest heavily in recruiting & training to ensure an employee caliber engagement.
Kevin Warner & Sergey Olexa
Leadium founders

From our inception the heart of Leadium has been its people. All of our team members bring a unique perspective on life, business and the interconnectivity that bonds us together.

Harnessing the experience and skill sets of each person has created a unique collaborative environment where we are able to thrive, grow and learn from one another. As such we continue to excel in our partnerships and as industry leaders remain steadfast in our commitment to success

I'm so impressed with the number of sales appointments that Leadium is providing. About 90 percent of these client meetings end with us sending prospects an agreement to sign.
Michele Pitman
Founder & CEO, intellivol
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We're Ready to Scale Your Business

To develop a predictable sales pipeline, we combine a team's worth of experience to strategize your program, drive leads, and grow your revenue.

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