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How Outreach.io Built a Million-Dollar Outbound Sales Program through Effort, Curiosity, and Automation

Featuring: Mark Kosoglow (VP of Sales, Outreach.io)
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Welcome to this episode's "Outbound Rundown:"

Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales for Outreach, has maybe the best sales leader bio we can find on LinkedIn:

“As a teenager, watching 14 videos in the back storeroom on a 7" black and white TV to learn how to sell shoes at the mall was a great foundation. Running a small business with 200+ employees taught me how to be organized. Creating a highly profitable sales territory from one dead for a decade was hard work. Managing 12 salespeople across 9 states cemented my sales philosophy. Building a sales team with, by far, the best, smartest, hardest working people I've ever worked with....well, that's an honor and privilege I get to enjoy every day.”

Mark joins Kevin on this episode of The Outbound Sale podcast to share his knowledge on how to build, grow, and structure outbound sales programs and teams from the ground up.

And let’s just say, he knows what he’s talking about.

He joined Outreach in 2014 as a commission-only sales rep with 3 customers to becoming VP of Sales and leading massive revenue and customer growth resulting in $65M in funding in just 4 short years.

PRESS PLAY above to listen to Mark expand on the key takeaways he shares with Kevin about his sales experience at Outreach and beyond including:

The 3 key factors that attributed to Outreach’s rapid success:

  • Sales reps do not decide the accounts they will go after - detailed Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), and enriched data are provided to the sales rep saving them time off of LinkedIn sourcing leads
  • All reps must adhere to their defined rules of engagement for each specific persona
  • Everyone must follow the “Rule of 52” - if you are really working an account, there should be at least 5 people in the sequence and at least 2 of those people should be decision-makers or greater

The formula that helps every sales rep “kick ass:”

  • Effort + Curiosity + Making Connections

What to look for in an internal sales rep hire:

  • Operationally minded and process driven
  • A “grinder” - someone who puts in the effort
  • Coachable and adaptable
  • Analytical

How Outreach helps small to midsize businesses (SMBs):

  • Increase sales development rep work by 3x the amount
  • Collect data and test how effective your messaging is with your prospects
  • Keep sales reps on-track by adhering to best practices and processes

Thank you for listening!


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