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The Keys to Outbound Sales for Enterprise & SMB Businesses

Featuring: Kevin Warner (CEO Leadium) and Mike MacDonald (SPJ GTM Founding Partner)
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Welcome to this episode's "Outbound Rundown:"

Welcome to our very first full episode of The Outbound Sale Podcast! And what better way to begin to elbow our way into the world of podcasts than to jump straight into the facts - outbound sales works for both Enterprise and SMB businesses, but not in a one-size-fits-all way. Both come with their own unique goals and challenges which we will cover in this podcast.

But first, you need to know who the B2B industry experts are behind those sultry sales voices. 

Allow me to introduce you once more to your Outbound Sale Podcast hosts:

Kevin Warner of Leadium & Mike MacDonald of SPJ GTM

They don’t rely solely on good looks and smooth talk to land deals - they have decades-worth of experience and knowledge on what it takes to drive effective outbound sales programs that build successful pipelines and create millions of dollars worth of revenue opportunities for clients across the country.

Maybe you are the owner of a small business, a sales leader for a midsize enterprise sales organization, or just starting your own startup - Mike and Kevin discuss how outbound sales program goals and structure can be very different for both enterprise and small to midsize businesses (SMBs), but how it should still be incorporated as the top customer acquisition focus.

They also share that especially for SMBs, there are many benefits to starting an outbound sales program in 2019 beyond new revenue opportunities (though, those are obviously the main goal, right?) including:

  • Driving general awareness about your product and/or service
  • Identifying and reaching key decision makers you might not have known were decision makers
  • Learning a lot about your market in general and where you fit or may need to pivot
  • Consistently training your team on messaging and sales

For SMBs however, they sympathize that it is really hard to build an outbound sales program internally. It’s not cheap and very time consuming. Some of the key pieces of the puzzle include:

  • Researching and building the Ideal Customer Profile
  • Customer segmentation
  • Data sourcing
  • Data validation
  • Automation technology - what platform will you use? How much will you pay?
  • Who is going to create the messaging? (Hiring)
  • How is handling responses and appointment setting, analytics? (Hiring and more hiring)

But not to worry! That’s exactly why Kevin and Mike have created The Outbound Sale Podcast - to break down all the benefits and barriers that SMBs and sales leaders are facing when trying to create the right outbound sales program that works perfectly for their organization.

Press play above to learn even more in this week’s episode!

And look out for Episode 3 where Kevin shares the top 5 subject lines that Leadium ran in 2018 that resulted in over $50M in pipeline creation.


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