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Identifying and Delivering Leads Same-day
Leadium built a lead generation program that converted targeted leads into sales calls for Mitek sellers. After meeting specific weekly quotas Mitek expanded Leadium’s role to provide leads same-day to their sales teams.
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Additional Resources Needed to Meet Aggressive Targets

Marketing managers at Mitek were challenged to build a lead pipeline that would meet aggressive growth targets for the company’s mobile capture and identity verification software solutions.

Recognizing that resource limitations would hamper lead gen eorts, Mitek engaged Leadium to help build the lead pipeline the company needed to succeed. “The company is on a steep growth trajectory. We realized that we needed help to deliver a pipeline of qualified leads that would help us achieve our targets.” says Jillian Schwantz, Digital Marketing Manager at Mitek.


Running a Lead Pipeline For The U.S. and Europe

Working with Mitek, Leadium created a lead generation program that delivered 4x as many leads per quarter for the Mitek sales team. “At first we gave our Leadium team specific lead criteria and asked them to create a straight-forward lead gen program. They started generating their weekly quota really quickly. And they fit right into our culture--we view them as an ‘embedded’ extension of our team,” says Schwantz.

As Leadium proved their ability to deliver highly qualified leads, Mitek decided to deepen the relationship and give the Leadium team responsibility for generating leads in both the U.S. and Europe. Each geography had very dierent needs and criteria.

Schwantz says, “We decided Leadium could help us with our geographies on both sides of the Atlantic. The experience was seamless--our Leadium team lead was able to address the dierent needs of both our U.S. and European markets.”

Computer Software
San Diego, CA
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We embed ourselves into each of our client's sales teams. By adopting your quota goals it becomes essential to develop a foundational strategy & execute on it with gusto.

“Our leads are hard to find and after a streamlined calibration process with their LeadGen team we’re executing on every requirement we set!"
Government Relations
"Since we've engaged with Leadium we've experienced a 22% increase in month-over-month sales. And this number is just continuing to grow."
Reliant Parking
Computer Software
“Leadium is kicking ass for us and I would 100% recommend them to friends and colleagues. The team is hitting on all cylinders right now!”