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Cultivating Essential Relationships for Future Growth
In a short period of time Leadium was able to identify and target key sales opportunities and make lasting connections with high quality prospects developing Amplitude’s pipeline for the year.
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How to Accelerate the Sales Cycle

In order to increase sales quickly, Amplitude selected Leadium for its expertise in generating meaningful long-term leads and relationships with prospects and accomplished local businesses. To support and achieve Amplitude’s ambitious goals, Leadium developed and managed a specialized email nurturing campaign—one that leveraged unique buyer personas and profiles to cultivate qualified leads throughout the entire sales process.

“What really attracted me to Leadium in the first place is just the sense that they developed a really solid system and a great team,” said Duff Ferguson, Founder & Partner of Amplitude Digital. “Leadium produced a very strong stream of discovery calls and meetings with qualified companies that will turn into long-term contracts.”


A One of a Kind Marketing Program with Proven and Longstanding Results

Leadium’s comprehensive outbound marketing campaign generated an exceptionally high volume of discovery calls and more than 13,000 emails, which yielded an impressive 65 percent open rate and a 23 percent response rate. In just a few months, the Leadium team was able to lay the groundwork for future revenue opportunities, pipeline growth and substantial business relationships well into the future.

“The team at Leadium understood our selling process,” Ferguson said. “They spoke our language and had a great system in place for doing exactly what we needed to do—identify the right places, reach out to them gradually, and schedule appointments with the ones that rose to the top.”

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Los Angeles, CA
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We embed ourselves into each of our client's sales teams. By adopting your quota goals it becomes essential to develop a foundational strategy & execute on it with gusto.

PMD Healthcare
"Leadium’s tools, processes, and systems enable us to increase sales in a very organized method. They are a more productive way for us to generate leads."
Information Technology
"Leadium has this amazing entrepreneurial drive--it feels like they’re an extension of our team. They helped us define our market and build a strategy for growth.”
“Our leads are hard to find and after a streamlined calibration process with their LeadGen team we’re executing on every requirement we set!"