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Meeting Growth Targets by Delivering Qualified Leads
Working closely with StaffGarden, Leadium created an outbound sales program that has generated over 15,000 leads. The campaign has delivered over 64,000 emails with a 40 percent email open rate and a 27 percent response rate.
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Limited Resources Stymie Growth Plans

Leadership at StaffGarden wanted to grow their business but were challenged by an inability to hire the additional resources they needed. After an unsuccessful attempt at direct sales, the company looked for a partner who could fuel growth at a price they could afford by connecting them with healthcare decision makers.

CEO Ryan Reid says, “We provide a world-class platform that delivers an efficient, cost-effective process for institutions to find, hire, and manage qualified nurses. But that didn’t mean much if we couldn’t get our product in front of decision makers. We needed help building an outbound sales program to grow the business. That’s when we turned to Leadium.”


Building an Outbound Program That Drives 15K Leads

To help StaffGarden achieve its growth potential, Leadium developed an outbound program targeting C-level executives, vice presidents, and managers of human resources, talent acquisition, and recruiting & nursing organizations within hospitals and healthcare systems.

“From day one Leadium has been our partner. They took the time to understand our market, our prospects, and our business needs. They transformed this knowledge into an outbound strategy that’s helping us exceed our targets,” says Reid. With a deep understanding of the target customer persona, the Leadium research team has consistently identified the healthcare decision makers who can help StaffGarden maximize growth. But this is only the first step.

The combination of accurate target customer personas and effective messaging from Leadium have helped the StaffGarden team close one deal per month from its opportunity appointments, an impressive statistic for the notoriously difficult healthcare industry.

Staffing and Recruiting
Fullerton, CA
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We embed ourselves into each of our client's sales teams. By adopting your quota goals it becomes essential to develop a foundational strategy & execute on it with gusto.

“Our leads are hard to find and after a streamlined calibration process with their LeadGen team we’re executing on every requirement we set!"
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"Leadium is a long-term partner. They are foundational. Going forward, they're going to be really valuable for us."
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"The team at Leadium understood our selling process. They spoke our language and had a great system in place for doing exactly what we needed to do."