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Leadium Delivers Over 14,000 Leads
Leadium built an outbound marketing program that converted targeted leads into sales calls for PMD Healthcare sellers. Focused on quality rather than quantity, the program delivered a 40 percent open rate and a 10 percent response rate among target prospects.
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The High Cost of Lead Acquisition

In order to increase sales of Spiro PD, PMD Healthcare engaged Leadium to pilot an outbound marketing program that would target executives, including Chief Medical Ocers, Chief Nursing Ocers, and Chief Operations Ocers, from medical facilities, healthcare providers, and health payers among others.

Because these busy executives are typically dicult to contact, the cost of lead acquisition was prohibitive using PMD’s full-time sales force. Steve Sullivan, EVP and Chief Commercial Ocer, explains, “The cost of lead generation was just too expensive using our traditional sales force. We needed to run a lead generation campaign that would quickly and effectively connect us with decision makers.”


Building a Sales Program That Delivered 14,000 Leads

Working with PMD, Leadium created a scalable outbound marketing program that delivered 14,000 leads and is arranging 10 prospect meetings per month for the PMD sales team. “Rather than using an internal sales rep, Leadium is a more productive way for us to generate leads.”

With help from the Leadium team, PMD has not only increased the number of sales contacts, it has more than tripled its web traffic. Sullivan says, “We're really pleased with the numbers we've seen on activity. We're grabbing more and more contacts and building a very robust data set.” Sullivan expects this awareness building to help when the company launches its new platform.

With Leadium, PMD has scaled outbound eorts in a structured way that would have been dicult with untrained employees. “I rely on Leadium for lead gen. We’re experts in remote patient monitoring and the digital health business. Lead generation isn’t our core competency--that’s why we partner with Leadium,” says Sullivan.

Landsdale, PA
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We embed ourselves into each of our client's sales teams. By adopting your quota goals it becomes essential to develop a foundational strategy & execute on it with gusto.

“Our leads are hard to find and after a streamlined calibration process with their LeadGen team we’re executing on every requirement we set!"
Government Relations
"Since we've engaged with Leadium we've experienced a 22% increase in month-over-month sales. And this number is just continuing to grow."
BRIC Language Learning
“Leadium has been instrumental in getting partnerships for us in the U.S. and internationally. We've seen a tremendous growth in our revenue...“