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Behind the Scenes of Outbound Email Deliverability

Featuring: Kevin Warner (CEO, Leadium) & Mike MacDonald (SPJ GTM, Founding Partner)
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Welcome to this episode's "Outbound Rundown:"

A couple of episodes ago we shared 7 outbound email subject line tips to increase open rates. Number one on the list was to make sure you get a check on your email deliverability.

Kevin and Mike are back this episode to dig deeper and expose exactly what’s happening behind the scenes at every email service provider (ESP) that is affecting your outbound email’s inbox placement.

And why is focusing on email deliverability so important? 60% of B2B professionals say email is the most effective outbound channel when it comes to revenue generation. Additionally, email is the preferred method of communication among 86% of professionals.

PRESS PLAY above to listen to Kevin and Mike go in detail about every factor that affects your email deliverability including:

1) Content

Get smart about what you are putting in your message and keep it as human and personal as possible. ESPs are smart and flag suspicious content similar to what spammers have been trying to use for years including:

  • Offer wording like, “Sale, Act Fast, and 10% Off!”
  • Link shorteners - things like bit.ly or owl.y are big no-nos to include in outbound emails

2) Recipient Engagement

The way your prospect engages with your email is measured and effects your overall deliverability. Targeting and messaging by customer segment is very important and can help with your open, click, reply, unsubscribe, and spam flag rates.

3) Spam Complaints

It doesn’t take an outbound genius to figure out that a prospecting hitting the “mark as spam” button in the email has the strongest negative signal to ISPs about your email. Do you know what your spam complaint rates are?

4) Spam Traps

This is where human-driven lead generation is really important. Did you know that there are Internet Service Providers that set up email addresses to catch spammers in the act? They are basically email addresses that should never receive email because they’re old and haven’t been used in a long time or were never signed up to receive email.

Repeat after us...validating lead data is so important!

5) Domain Reputation

Your domain has a reputation that needs to be built up over time.  This aligns with your sender score. You are rewarded by email providers for the positive email activity you engage in. And of course, invalid or bounced emails at high quantities is a negative signal to the inbox provider and will affect your reputation.

6) SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Records

These are all of the super tech terms that ESPs are looking at to see if you, the sender, even has permission to be sending an email in the first place.

  • SPF identifies which IP addresses are allowed to send email using your domain.
  • DKIM signatures ensure that the message that arrives at the inbox provider is identical to the message that you sent.
  • DMARC makes it easier to identify spam and phishing messages and keep them out of inboxes.

Thank you for listening!


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