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Outbound Program That Increases Sales by 22%
After meeting with BidSpeed and learning about their business, Leadium created an outbound sales program that has contacted over 11,600 prospects. The campaign has delivered over 70,000 emails with a 56 percent email open rate and a 12.5 percent response rate.
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Lack of Resources Hampers Pipeline Development

To ensure that BidSpeed remained cash flow positive, management needed a pipeline of opportunities they could develop. But they lacked the resources to hire, train, and manage a sales force. The team decided to outsource sales development and looked for the right partner to develop leads.

Allen Shipes, Managing Director says, “A solid pipeline is the key to a successful business. But we didn’t have the resources to build a viable pipeline of opportunities. And social and paid advertising weren’t delivering the ROI we needed. A friend who has had success with them recommended we try Leadium.”


Delivering 114 Prospect Meetings

To create a pipeline of qualified leads, Leadium designed an outbound sales program that targeted contacts in an existing database. Leadium’s first step was to clean up, correct, and complete the contact information, including email, name, address, title, and LinkedIn profile.

“We had a list of prospects, but we didn’t have the resources to fill in the missing contact information. Not only that, we couldn’t nurture the prospects. Leadium came on board, quickly learned our business, and developed messaging that resonates with our target audience.”

Leadium are running multiple campaigns that target prospects and retarget existing users who have not utilized the platform in some time in order to re-engage them. Emails developed by Leadium boast an impressive 56 percent open rate and a 12.5 percent response rate. “Leadium have been phenomenal. Their outbound program is delivering for us. The average number of days from the first outbound message to an appointment is 14.2, which is much shorter cycle than we thought possible from an outbound program.”

Government Relations
Fullerton, CA
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We embed ourselves into each of our client's sales teams. By adopting your quota goals it becomes essential to develop a foundational strategy & execute on it with gusto.

“Our leads are hard to find and after a streamlined calibration process with their LeadGen team we’re executing on every requirement we set!"
Reliant Parking
Computer Software
“Leadium is kicking ass for us and I would 100% recommend them to friends and colleagues. The team is hitting on all cylinders right now!”
Staffing and Recruiting
"Direct sales, knocking on doors, & calling people didn't work. We needed help! Leadium provided the approach & experience that has helped our business grow."