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Building a Business With Fortune 1000 Clients
Targeting Fortune 1000 businesses with operations in Brazil, China, Spain, Mexico, and the U.S., Leadium built an outbound marketing program for BRIC that has set 150+ appointments with companies like Apple, Tiffany & Co., Aetna, and PepsiCo.
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Reaching Decision-makers at World-leading Brands

Looking to grow sales of its innovative online language learning system, BRIC wanted to reach Vice-Presidents and managers of Human Resources and Talent Development at Fortune 1000 companies, and vice presidents and managers of Partnerships, Business Development, and Study Abroad Programs at leading U.S. universities.

As a start-up, the company was challenged to gather contact information on decision-makers in its target audience, and to develop and manage an outbound marketing program to nurture these business leaders. Ryan McMunn, Founder and CEO says, “We knew we had a compelling language learning system--something that would really appeal to global organizations. But our success depended on reaching the decision-makers. We didn’t have the resources to identify and nurture those leads. That's why we reached out to Leadium.”


Setting 150+ Appointments at Leading Universities and Companies

Utilizing its collaborative approach, the Leadium team worked closely with BRIC, defining the target customer profile and creating an email campaign to attract and nurture leads. The resulting outbound marketing program has delivered 7,000 leads from companies and universities like John Deere, Infiniti Motor Company, the University of California, Berkeley, and George Washington University.

McMunn says, “Leadium is our remote sales team. With their help, we’ve successfully defined and communicated our value proposition to some of the world’s biggest brands. They helped us work into the adjacent university market as well. Their approach really works--they average two weeks from their initial outreach to setting an appointment.”

By employing the Leadium team, McMunn has also been able to control costs. “Because I’ve got Leadium onboard, I’ve been able to manage my headcount and focus BRIC on our core competency--helping people learn a language more easily. With Leadium as a partner, I can focus on what I do best,” he says.

New York, NY
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We embed ourselves into each of our client's sales teams. By adopting your quota goals it becomes essential to develop a foundational strategy & execute on it with gusto.

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